Wharton Stories: Analytics

As part of One Wharton Week, professor of criminology and statistics Richard Berk told MBA students how analytics can produce biased results and how decision-makers can fix it.

How Machines Learn “Bias” and 9 Lessons on How Leaders Correct It

In just one month, the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative delivered experiential learning opportunities to students and customized data solutions to businesses through the pilot Analytics Accelerator Challenge.

WCAI Analytics Accelerator Challenge Bridges the Gap Between Academia and Industry

M&T student Red Dimaano, W’18, E’18, on why he loves data science and how Prof. Pete Fader started him on a path into academic research.

How Data Science Led This Undergrad to Business Analytics

We have always been interested in more generally understanding underlying strengths — performance evaluation, talent evaluation, these are very general challenges in the world. They are far more applicable outside of sports.

Prof. Cade Massey Explains the Analytics Behind His NFL Rankings

2016: The Wharton Year in Review

“We wanted to solve one specific problem inside of Wharton — this person-to-person matching problem. Then we found that the fundamental technology that underlies the product can be applied to a whole host of other issues.”

How These Two MBAs Are Driving New Connections with an Analytics Startup

People know everyone here is smart because you’ve met a set of requirements to be here.

First-Year MBA on Tech Recruiting, Unconscious Bias, and How People Analytics Can Help

“Unlike other MBA careers, a career in data and analytics will require significant research and networking on your end. That being said – the jobs are there and the connections are there, you just have to put in the work to find them.”

5 Tips for Wharton MBAs Interested in a Career in Data & Analytics

Barkha Saxena took on both a new job and had a new baby during the Wharton MBA Program for Executives in San Francisco.

Why I Chose Wharton EMBA

One of the best parts about being at a school like Wharton is having access to amazing, talented faculty members, who are doing incredibly cool, cutting-edge research. Getting to know, work with, and study under faculty members was one of my top priorities at Wharton.

Wharton in Three Parts: Facts, Faculty, and Family