Wharton Stories: Community Service/Philanthropy

Huntsman Program student Jonathan Lahdo, C’20, W’20, grew up in Dubai, UAE, to Syrian and Lebanese parents. At Wharton and Penn, he’s not only gaining the business and language skills to make a difference after graduation, but he’s also involved in student and community organizations to make a difference now.

How an Undergrad Club Is Empowering Refugees in the Philadelphia Community and in the World at Large

When George Dutile, WG’17, wanted to transition from the military, he and his wife worried about taking a risk on an MBA. They went “all in” at Wharton, and the whole family benefited.

Why This Vet Brought His Family to Wharton and Why It Was the Best Thing He Ever Did

“My classmates continue to amaze me. They prove that however busy you are, you can still give back. All it takes is some planning and organization.”

How This Technologist is Rallying Classmates to Give Back to Local Communities

Wharton San Francisco student Kali Bhandari, WG’18, has found plenty of ways to advance her interest in social impact and to bond with her EMBA classmates.

How to Give Back to the Community and Make Connections in Wharton’s EMBA Program

Bryan Mena-Martinez has learned how to make the most of his time at Penn and Wharton — and after.

How This Wharton Student Is Making the Most of His Time at Penn

With his interest in the public sector and his involvement on the Dean’s advisory board, Corey Metzman helped design the concentration in Social Impact and Responsibility — a highlight of his time at Wharton.

How a Huntsman Student Gained Perspective on Social Responsibility

At Wharton and Penn, Alaric Qin found that he could do even more than he thought possible. “I’ve learned that I can be as efficient as any other student at Penn when there is a quickly approaching deadline (or as is more usually the case, a large set of deadlines),” he said. “In other words, I learn and work better under pressure.”

How This Undergrad Gives Back to Community