Wharton Stories: Electives

Why These Wharton Faculty Love Teaching in San Francisco

The great thing about Wharton is that it allows you to explore different interests and activities. By no means do you need to come to college already having your future planned out.

This undergrad is still deciding what she wants to do with her business education – and that’s okay!

During his “walk-and-talk” office hours, Prof. Kartik Hosanagar connects with students outside the classroom in a unique way. The influential researcher and entrepreneur trades insights and conversations with students on his daily walking commute.

How This Professor Goes the Extra Mile to Build Connections Inside and Outside the Classroom

Stew Friedman explains how he developed his Total Leadership approach and how it evolved into a course at Wharton that EMBA students have said increased their career satisfaction, work performance, and happiness with family life.

The Three Core Principles Behind EMBA’s Total Leadership Elective

“This isn’t something you are born with. It’s like learning a foreign language or musical instrument. It needs to be learned and practiced.”

Key Takeaways from Bobbi Thomason’s Negotiations Class and 4 Negotiation Tips Anyone Can Use

EMBA student Camila Noordeloos, WG’18, talks about the highlights and the value of her experience taking a Global Modular Course on Finance in Europe in London.

3 Benefits You’ll Get from Taking a Global Modular Course at Wharton

“We only have a year left,” says Antonia Singleton, WG’18. “Either you’re going to grow the relationships you’ve made or you’re going to try get to know more people. I want to create a platform for people to do that — bring their own story.”

How Sharing Her Story Helped This Student Grow the Wharton Community and Herself

“My commitment to diversity is driven by the opportunities that I have been given and the position that I currently have. I feel a great responsibility and obligation to lift as I climb.”

How This EMBA Alum’s Commitment to Lifelong Learning and Diversity Keep Him Connected

“Even when you finish a degree, learning doesn’t stop. If you’re involved in the policy sphere or finance, you need to learn quickly and absorb a lot of information and synthesize things.”

How This MBA Student’s Passion for Policy, Finance, and Football Are All Related

“Each campus has a lot to offer – and being exposed to both environments is yet another reason to take advantage of this amazing bicoastal EMBA program.”

How a Chicago Student Uses Both Campuses of Wharton’s Bicoastal EMBA Program